Burger King. A royal detail

In 2021, Burger King underwent a top-tier rebranding in their industry. Among other tools, they introduced a compact symbol (monogram, favicon) that is so good that it could replace the primary logo.

  1. The symbol is fully aligned with the new style and is instantly recognizable.
  2. The second, but more significant, letter of the name is highlighted more prominently. After all, it's the King, and then the Burger.
  3. The genius lies in how “Burger” is represented not only by the image (the bun on top and bottom + “K” as the filling) but also by the letter “B” (the entire symbol) which emerges through the delicate manipulation of the “K” shape. The strength of this design is that even if you don't see the “B”, the symbol still works.

Lisa Smith, the executive creative director of the project, said to Dezeen magazine: "In the new favicon, we get to be a little more playful — turning the mark into a hidden B and K — an Easter egg for true design aficionados."

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