Litl. Devil’s in the little big details

It's a laptop from the eponymous company, designed for the whole family and home use.

➀ At first glance, the logo resembles school handwriting (the creators refer to the Schulschrift font, which is based on it). Interestingly, unlike classic handwriting, here the slant is reversed​ ​— the first 'l' demonstrates it well.

➁ Upon further examination, it's evident that the logo is fully structured, which likely gives it its resonance. The following elements work together: 1) even rhythm, 2) symmetry of 'l,' 3) the positioning of the peaks of 'itl' on a single diagonal. The geometric distances between the letters are not equal, although this is not noticeable. Furthermore, the logo fits well into a rounded square icon​ ​— a super important format for an IT product (especially today).

➂ The creators write that the logo is intended to convey friendliness and the flexibility of configurations (the laptop, besides the classic position, can also fold into an easel​ ​— matching the shape of 'l' in the logo). This has all been achieved​ ​— on the device, the logo looks approachable and cute.

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