Rag. Typographic tracks

The manufacturer of customized gear for motocross, mountain biking, and related disciplines. Their identity consists of 36 logos. We'll focus on the primary one here, with the others linked below.

This logo is undeniably stylish. Its expanded proportions, modularity, and super-contrasts at the intersections of ovals with vertical strokes give it a modern feel.

The arcs in the logo reference racing tracks and conveyor belts. While this reference might not be immediately obvious, the conceptual depth that organically integrates with the graphics is always appreciated.

“R” interacts with “a” and “g” in terms of structure only formally, but at a glance, it seems the opposite — monospaced letters from the same modules look quite similar.

I explored the nature of the letter “R” to find a more compatible form with “ag”. I don't claim completeness and purity. I gathered this quickly and roughly.

Preserving the original idea of the track works if you don't touch the right leg of “R”, although initially it seemed that's where to look. Surprisingly, changing the joint in the upper left corner gave more cohesive results.

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