Case Publishing. A peculiar case

The Tokyo-based publishing house specializing in contemporary art, photography, and design.

Their delicate Napoleon cake made of nine brackets is a subtle and multi-layered solution.

  1. Most of the brackets resemble the first letter of the name. Such resemblance is a rare quality in good logos.
  2. The enumeration of these typographic tools hints at typography and printing.
  3. One of the meanings of the word “Case” is the typecase (Uppercase, Lowercase), which refers to a set of characters of one typeface or size. Here, it's an illustration of a complete set of brackets.
  4. If the viewer knows nothing about typography, “case” can mean an “example”. In this case, the logo represents examples of brackets.
  5. The solution is purely design-oriented, post-aesthetic, fitting the specialization of the publishing house.

When space is limited, the logo can be easily condensed to the first five brackets.

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