Fergus. Texture as context

The online grocery service with delivery in Montreal and the surrounding area. The logo doesn't contain hidden images, only the name and a captivating texture.

The soft letters with a camouflage pattern effect look friendly, edible, and playful. Bryan-K. Lamonde, co-author of the brand identity, said in an interview with Creative Boom: “Our goal was for Fergus to stand out in the homogenous market that is organic online shopping and to translate the pleasure of eating into a sustainable and unifying language with a touch of magic”. It seems they succeeded.

Technical advantages:

  1. The design is convenient for layout due to the uniform density of letters and small protrusions. These protrusions don't interfere with working with a rectangle but add liveliness.
  2. There are no closed ovals, which is convenient for stencil application without the traits typical of stencil fonts.

The logo is based on the Eckmannpsych typeface (released in 2018). Despite noticeable traits from the donor font, the logo strongly encourages food purchases. Here, one can observe how something initially edgy can be transformed into something cute and appealing:

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