Aclima. Redesigning a home for all things outdoor

Norwegian manufacturer of merino wool clothing, specializing in sportswear, workwear, and outdoor leisure clothing. They offer everything from underwear to jackets and vests.

Here, an intriguing redesign took place. The changes are minor, just three strokes in the bottom left corner, yet the logo has shifted from a student exercise to an award-winning design.

The old meanings are now more evident:

• the letter 'A',

• a tent or igloo.

With the disappearance of the downward-pointing 'fang,' the shape now follows a single motion​ ​— a twist, bringing high-level meanings:

• wrapping, care, protection,

• the repetition of triangles now refers to layers of clothing,

• there's even an association with the Woolmark certification logo (which was likely unintended but noteworthy).

The wordmark has matured, becoming more readable and contemporary.

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