Naomi Osaka. A powerful messenger

The Japanese-Haitian-American tennis player known not only for her excellent game but also for her active social stance on issues ranging from BLM to mental health. Unfortunately, without this context, it's challenging to evaluate the logo.

The logo consists of a symbol and a wordmark. Personally, I find the secondary logo more cohesive; it's the one featured on the website. I won't delve into the wordmark; it's just well done.

In the graphic, the corners of the symbol are softened, giving the impression of a slightly blurred imprint. This design choice might facilitate easier cutting and application using certain technologies. The density around the nose and mouth area is the only concerning aspect.

Conceptually, the character, the attribute, and their proportions are interesting. The bear clearly signifies strength (Naomi being a powerful athlete). The flower presumably represents the message she conveys. The proportions convey the value of this message and also help create an illusion of a tennis player with a racket within the symbol. If the bear represents Naomi, it boldly challenges the historically sexualized portrayal of women in sports.

Essentially, Naomi Osaka's logo is a mascot, making it a fantastic participant for collaborations. It behaves as if alive: walks, peeks out, hides, carries various objects.

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