Kamome Books. Shaping the character

The bookshop in Tokyo. In the picture, there's Ando-san, the coolest mascot of the store, who could serve as a logo.

The primary strength of mascots lies in their physiognomy. They are animated, and therefore, can behave like living beings in their environment. Sometimes, just a posture implies the setting.

Ando-san is cool for the following reasons:

  1. Simplicity: one color, only essential details (no hands, clothes, mouth, and nose),
  2. Brightness of the character: straight bangs, glasses, bow tie — a complete book geek,
  3. Combining the hairstyle and a book into one form — a brilliant find,
  4. Overall black fill:
  • It creates a noticeable spot in almost any context,
  • It eliminates excessive lines, with only the book made of lines, setting it slightly apart from the character,
  • It allows not drawing transparent glasses with eyes but retaining non-sunglasses — very cool.

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