Creative Ecosystems. Connecting identities

Creative Ecosystems is a challenging concept to describe (they've even compiled a whole FAQ about it). Essentially, it's an online catalog of creative collectives featuring talented individuals of color.

  1. The spring-like shape is a brilliant idea. The creators describe it as follows: “The monogram embodies energy and potential through its spring-like shape, while also signifying intersectionality: the power of multiple forces or identities converging in a single form.”
  2. In the intersections of “C” and “E”, there are overlaps, making it easier to distinguish the spring into two letters (the overlaps in the loop of “E” are weaker). A similar softening of corners was seen in Naomi Osaka's logo — perhaps it's becoming a trend.
  3. This style of “E” construction has been appearing more frequently, but this is the first instance I've encountered where it's justified not just by aesthetics but also by meaning.

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Creative Ecosystems