Twice Daily. Dynamic addition

The chain of convenience stores and gas stations offering essential items at competitive prices in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Originally, the stores had a logo featuring a yellow circle with the letter “t” inside it.

The circle possibly alludes to a coin (a symbol of savings). The red triangle mirrors the triangle in the letter “t”, illustrating the first word of the company's name. It wouldn't be surprising if Gill Sans was chosen as the corporate font precisely because of the shape of the letter “t”. The position of “t” within the circle takes into account the use of the symbol as part of the name.

While the logo is distinctive, it might not have stayed in my memory for long.

When gas stations were introduced, they complemented the sign with red rays, making it incredibly attractive.

  1. The sign gains energy through single-point touches: the red triangle and “t”, “t” and the edge of the circle, each ray starts and ends at its point.
  2. I can't help but see a motif of a Native American feathered headdress in the rays, although there is no confirmation that this image was intended. More likely, the rays represent a wing or splashes from under the wheel, explaining the yellow circle.
  3. It's cool that the red rays can be directed both to the right and to the left without losing recognition.
  4. This design evokes a sense of the past, but I never cease to be amazed at how fresh it looks. If there were a modern “t”, it could easily become a symbol from the future.

In my opinion, this is a rare example of how mass branding for an economy-class product can be done without depth in imagery but still look graphically impressive.

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