Open Web. Letter from letters

“OpenWeb works with publishers to bring conversations back from social networks to publisher sites” — this seems to be the shortest and clearest explanation of what the company does.

At a glance, it's simply a symbol made up of interconnected elements. There are many similar symbols, so it is perceived calmly without any graphic challenge. The precise visual solution helps to appreciate its meanings:

  1. The ring represents the letter “O” (first word).
  2. It plays with the letters “WWW” (second word in the name).
  3. The dance of the letter “W” symbolizes the unity around the idea.

The typographic part is set in a custom serif font, which suits the publisher platform. Despite the difference in typefaces (the symbol is sans-serif, the wordmark is serif), the combination of stroke weights and counterforms makes the logo appear cohesive.

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